DerCam Capital Advisors
The only consulting firm that puts money into your pocket instead of taking it out!
DerCam Capital Advisors is the consulting and client services arm for a specialized audit, tax, and financial consulting firm.  We do our consulting at no out-of-pocket cost to our clients, and unlike other consulting firms, our consulting results in hard-earned dollars that drop to your bank account and bottom-line.  Objective results versus subjective results!  And we get paid based on the savings we generate or capital we deliver AFTER we deliver!  Our task is simple:  TO SAVE YOU MONEY AND TO BRING MORE MONEY TO YOU!  A no-risk, no-cost, no hassle consulting and audit arm for your company, available to provide you with the following service offering:

  • Utility Refund & Cost Reduction Services
    • Electricity
    • Water & Sewer
    • Natural Gas
    • Other Commercial Fuels
  • Financial Analysis & Billing Review Services
    • Merchant Processing
    • Workers Compensation
    • Invoicing
    • 401(k) & 403(b)
  • Contracted Service Auditing
    • Waste Removal
    • IT - Hardware / Software
    • Telecom / Wireless
    • Shipping / Freight
  • Commercial Real Estate Services
    • Location / Relocation Assessments
    • Property Tax Assessment
    • Cost Segregation
    • Financing
  • Federal & State Tax Credits
    • Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC)
    • Employee FICA Tip Credits
    • Research & Development Credits (not just for tech-based businesses!)
    • 3000+ State Tax Credit programs
  • Debt & Equity for Qualified Businesses and Real Estate Development Projects
    • Senior Debt
    • Mezzanine / Preferred Equity
    • Equity - Joint Venture and Common

Why not add a cost-free audit and consulting arm to your business that not only saves you money, but can actually make you money!