DerCam Capital Advisors
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Commercial Real Estate Services

There are plenty of opportunities for financial savings outside of cutting your overhead costs. We work with the commercial real estate property you desire or already operate out of to find the best property tax breaks and financing options, as well as the chance for highly-beneficial cost segregation.

Location / Relocation Assessments

Whether your business is looking to relocate or has relocated in the past, opportunities for errors and improper documentation can arise. Our team is qualified to search your previous relocation agreements for additional financial opportunities, as well as recommend best approaches for businesses seeking relocation in the future.

Property Tax Assessment

Our team will assess the totality of your business’ property tax payments in recent years. With detailed tax payment auditing, our process can alleviate budgetary restrictions on your company and offer greater financial freedom and lowered overhead while recommending better in-house practices to maintain a consistent tax expectation.​


Our auditors can assess the general practices, contracts, and budgets across your business’ financial efforts for internal and external company affairs. Our experts can identify common financing mistakes your business can avoid going forward to minimize your budgetary errors and unneeded monetary losses across the board.

Cost Segregation

If you own commercial real estate, a cost segregation audit can help cut the depreciable tax life of your property. Using an engineering-based method, we help property owners reallocate real property to personal property in order to obtain substantial tax benefits and savings.  Across the board, a cost segregation audit is one of the most valuable tax-saving options available to anyone who owns commercial real estate.