DerCam Capital Advisors
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Contracted Services

Our audit team is capable of auditing your internal and external business relationships and documents, including services contracted out to third-party providers. Everything from waste removal to shipping/freight transport agreements has the potential to be better revised and polished to maximize your business’ value.

Waste Removal

Services contracts present with waste removal, like utility bills, can contain costly errors. While refunds are less common, monthly cost reductions can be much more substantial than with an energy audit. In fact, in some instances, our auditors have been able to create more than a 60% reduction in monthly costs.

IT - Hardware / Software

Our unique ability to audit not only telecom service costs, such as local, long distance and data, but also IT infrastructures, such as software licenses, hardware, and managed service contracts, makes our firm the most complete audit solution in this space and creates even better savings for your business.​

Telecom / Wireless

Telecommunications and access to information are essential in today’s fast-paced business world. Our team of telecommunications auditors are able to create a custom cost savings analysis by utilizing access to wholesale rate and pricing on products and services for your business’ internet needs. Our knowledge allows us to identify where you may have been billed erroneously.​

Shipping / Freight

FedEx and UPS have a money-back guarantee policy that entitles parcel shippers a full refund whenever their deliveries are late — even by only one minute. Our specialized shipping audit and freight auditing team take this policy into account, along with about 40 other factors, when auditing your FedEx and UPS shipping bills.