DerCam Capital Advisors
The only consulting firm that puts money into your pocket instead of taking it out!

How We Do It

Cost free audits of your utility bills, financial services, third-party contracts, and commercial services.  We do the work on our own dime and time, and we earn a small percentage of the savings that we garner for you.  No savings, nothing to pay!  Simple as that!  Send us a copy of a bill or contract and we go to work!

Utility Sevices

Unbeknownst to most business owners and managers, it’s estimated that 80% of utility and service billing statements contain errors. By assessing your business’ past payments, contracts, agreements, and document history, we can find potential for savings and improve your budget outcomes.

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Financial Services

Internal financial provisions are consistent areas for lost gains by businesses across industries. We find opportunities for savings or refunds within workers’ compensation agreements, retirement packages, and merchant processing practices, assuring businesses aren’t only budgeting efficiently but abiding by legal compliance standards along the way.

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Contracted Services

We are capable of auditing your internal and external business relationships and documents, including services contracted out to third-party providers. Everything from waste removal to shipping/freight transport agreements has the potential to be better revised and polished to maximize your business’ value.

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Commercial Real Estate Services

There are plenty of opportunities for financial savings outside of cutting your overhead costs. We work with the commercial real estate property you desire or already operate out of to find the best property tax breaks and financing options, as well as the chance for highly-beneficial cost segregation.

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Federal and State Tax Credits

Most businesses are not capturing the 3,000+ Federal and State tax credits and incentives they may qualify for nationwide.  We can assist you in determining if you qualify and then garner those lucrative incentives for you.  And for one of the benefits called WOTC (Worker Opportunity Tax Credit), we can provide a portal that automates the process of garning up to $9600 in credits for each new hire, which significantly cuts down on wasted time and efficiency for you HR staff.

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Debt & Equity

Qualified businesses and development projects may be able to obtain debt and/or equity from our network of investors.  Our investors are focused on real estate development opportunities, real estate operating companies, manufacturers, energy and energy service companies, and technology companies related to those industries.

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